Ken Provencher, PacificSource CEO, on Pending Changes to the Affordable Care Act

ken-provencher-casual-0812The new administration and congress have begun the process of changing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and there is much speculation in the media about what might occur as a result of those actions.

With all of this uncertainty, it is important to remember that the ACA remains in effect throughout 2017 and PacificSource members will have coverage under all of the existing provisions of the law.  That includes both the Medicaid Expansion and Qualified Health Plan populations.

As the administration’s efforts to change the law take shape, we will closely monitor the discussions, work with our delegations to influence legislation and evaluate the impact of any proposed or enacted legislation.

It’s also important to note that while it seems likely that we will indeed see some sort of “ACA Repeal” bill come forward,  as with all congressional bills, the evaluation of what’s in the bill will be more important than the bill’s title.

Regardless of what takes place, PacficSource remains committed to the health and wellness of our members and working hard to provide access to the care they need.

Please follow this blog for further updates as more information becomes available throughout the year.

– Ken Provencher

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