Colorectal Cancer: Mother Knows Best

When he was 40, Doug, a PacificSource Regional Sales Manager, had his first colonoscopy. During the test, doctors found a precancerous polyp in his large intestine. Had he waited until the recommended age 50 for his first screening, it may have been too late to save his life.

So why did he get his first colonoscopy at age 40?

Doug has a family history of colorectal cancer. In fact, he never had the chance to meet his grandfather on his mother’s side because he died from colon cancer in his 50s. Because of this family history—and at his mother’s insistence—Doug decided to start his screenings early. This decision saved Doug, time, grief, expense, and likely his life.

Watch Doug’s video to find out more about what the experience was like, and learn from his helpful advice for those about to have their first colonoscopy.

Visit our blog for future testimonials from PacificSource employees who share their stories about how colorectal cancer changed their lives. Don’t want to wait? Check out our YouTube channel.

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