Ten-week Walking Plan

Group Of Women Power Walking On Urban StreetWe hear all the time that walking is great exercise, but it’s just walking, right? Actually, there are many benefits to starting a walking program. Here are just a few:

  • It’s free, and you can walk just about anywhere.
  • When you walk, your muscles use more glucose and this can help lower your blood sugars.
  • Walking can help reduce your risk for osteoporosis. This type of weight bearing exercise helps to keep your bones strong.
  • When you exercise, endorphins are released by your brain, which can help relieve pain and improve your mood.
  • Walking can help relieve symptoms of depression and improve your sleep.

Feeling inspired and ready to make some positive changes in your life? Try this ten-week walking plan.

Ten-week Walking Plan

This walking plan was designed to guide you safely to a healthier you. Before you start this walking plan, you may need to talk with your doctor.


Walking Schedule

Weekly Total
(time x days a week)

1 15 minutes, 2 days 30 minutes
2 15 minutes, 3 days 45 minutes
3 20 minutes, 3 days 60 minutes
4 25 minutes, 3 days 75 minutes
5 and 6 30 minutes, 3 days 90 minutes
7 and 8 30 minutes, 4 days 120 minutes
9 and 10 30 minutes, 5 days 150 minutes

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