Colorectal Cancer: Getting Screened Could Save Your Life

When Dori’s grandmother, Katherine, was alive, Dori loved to go berry-picking with her in the fall. She looked forward to the jellies and jams her grandmother would make.

This experience that Dori fondly remembers was one that her own children never had the opportunity to share. Dori was pregnant with her first of four children when her grandmother died from colorectal cancer.

“My grandma, unfortunately, wasn’t screened,” Dori says, “and found out too late.”

Katherine was an Alaska Native, and colorectal cancer is the leading cause of new cases of cancer among Alaska Native people.

Later, in 2006, Dori had a scare of her own and went in for testing. Watch Dori’s video to hear the rest of her story.

Visit our blog or YouTube channel for more testimonials from PacificSource employees who share their stories about how colorectal cancer changed their lives.

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