Second Chance: A Heart Attack Survivor’s Story

“You always think it is going to happen to someone else, certainly not me!” stated John, a PacificSource member and Condition Support participant who suffered a heart attack in July 2016. “I was lucky. I survived and have had a second chance to correct my previous health errors.”

After the heart attack, John joined a cardiac rehab program and began working with a health coach through our Condition Support program. A year later, he’s happy to report he’s made great strides in improving his health condition.

With the support of his health coach, he has set achievable goals appropriate to what he wanted to focus on. “I really appreciate the calls from my coach. She has helped me stay focused and on track. And she’s held me accountable,” said John. “It is really like having a workout buddy!”

John’s health coach was also there to answer questions and provide any extra information he might need. “The helpful information on diet, sleep, working out, and other concerns have helped me be successful at my recovery,” he noted.

John has learned several ways to take better care of himself. Along with getting good cardiac workouts weekly, he now eats a Mediterranean diet, watches his salt and sugar intake, limits alcohol, and has quit smoking cigars.

He reports having a better awareness of what his body needs and what he needs to do to stay healthy. “It is all about creating a healthy attitude and lifestyle, and then practicing that every day.”

Man Fishing in Bend_iStock_000067561215_Full

Asked if he had any advice for those struggling with their health, John responded: “Do yourself a favor and step back from your life. I know this is very hard with life’s demands, but see what you can improve—take some time for yourself and take better care of yourself. You will not only feel better and have a better quality of life, but the loved ones who surround you will be very glad you did.”

Our Condition Support Program offers information and support to members with asthma, diabetes, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, or juvenile diabetes. Condition Support is available to eligible PacificSource members with medical coverage. For more information, please visit our Condition Support web page. You’re also welcome to contact us with questions.

Toll-free: (888) 987-5805


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