Colorectal Cancer: Alternative Screenings Are Available

When you hear information about colorectal cancer and preventive screenings, do you tune out? Maybe you think, ‘I’m not old enough to worry about that, yet,’ or ‘That doesn’t apply to me.’ But what about your family members?

Think about your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even just close friends. Do they know the risks for colorectal cancer? Does it run in the family? Are they the type who insist they’d rather “risk it” than get a colonoscopy?

Liz Bainter, a PacificSource VP, lost her mother to colorectal cancer. Her mom was 67 when she passed.

“My mom was not interested in a colonoscopy,” Liz says. “I think that had I taken time or others to sit down and explore and better understand the barriers or concerns with a colonoscopy, we could have explored other screening options.”

Watch Liz’s video to hear her story.

Stay informed about warning signs, screening options, and risks. Open conversations about these and other health issues to show support and encourage preventive action can change your loved ones’ lives, and yours.

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